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Wait staff

Upper Level Management at Los Ocampo expects the following for this role.
Wait Staff
​The wait staff at Los Ocampo must be engaged, energetic, friendly and capable. The wait staff must be attentive to tables assigned to them. The guest's orders must be taken in a timely manner and must be attended too on a regular basis.

​Duties for the wait staff include:

  • Show customers to their seats and present our variety of dishes and drinks

  • Advise on the best choices for each customer and answer questions

  • Take orders and deliver them to the table deftly and accurately

  • Attend to the tables and guarantee compliance to cleanliness standards

  • Check the quality of the final servings and resolve any issues

  • Deliver checks and accept payment

  • Work with other staff as a team

  • Work diligently to achieve outstanding service quality

Wait Staff Qualifying Skills:
Team member, Responds to Constructive Criticism, Understands Customer Service, Self-Motivated, High Energy Level, Ability to Multi-task, Demonstrates Verbal Communication 

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