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Upper Level Management at Los Ocampo expects the following for this role.
​The bartender is friendly, energetic, and capable. He or she will need to greet guests at the bar, provide a menu and check their identification if the guest asks for an alcoholic beverage. He or she is also responsible for serving the beverages of the wait staff apart from handling the guests at the bar.

​Duties for the bartender include:

  • Serve beers from tap successfully and in a timely manner.

  • Make mixed drinks successfully and in a timely manner.

  • Take orders at the bar and at tables if assigned to tables.

  • Restock bottled beer as necessary.

  • Swap out kegs of beer as necessary.

  • Ask the shift lead or general manager for new bottles of liquor as necessary.

  • Be able to multitask making mixed drinks and serving food.

Bartender Qualifying Skills:
Team member, Responds to Constructive Criticism, Alert, Is Experienced, Understands Customer Service, Self-Motivated, High Energy Level, Ability to Multi-task, Demonstrates Verbal Communication, High Ability to Handle Stress

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